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Achieving your fitness goals isn't challenging with the right coach.(Until now, you haven’t found the right program that works for you?) Me helping you reach your goals is what my Wedding Dress Ready program is all about! 


Hi, I'm Carabella.

Hi! My name is Carabella Riazzo. As a certified personal trainer and nutrition speacialist, I help women all over the world reach their health and wellness goals. The PERFECT wedding workout plan focuses on sustainable results, habit changes, accountability & empowerment, which is exactly what I focus on with my bridal clients!

Fitness should not feel like a drag; you should enjoy your transformation process. With my unique and results-driven method, we will build you the skills and confidence needed to reach your dream wedding body without overwhelming routines or unhealthy tactics.

what's your background?

  • Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach

Brides, I know how nerve wrecking your wedding day can be. With all the planning, that last thing you want to worry about is your look. But girl, let me tell you! It's all eyes on you & all cameras. The pressure is on & I know you want to look your best on your special day. Also, when you look back at this day you want to say WOW!! Look at us baby!

My fitness programs are designed to help you achieve your goals and transform your mind and body BEFORE your big day arrives. My approach to fitness creates a comfortable and empowering environment, so there is no need to be hesitant. I can confidently say that no matter your fitness level, a Body by Carabella wedding fitness program will work if you do!

Spots are limited. Get your program today and begin your transformative fitness journey!

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Hello & Welcome

  • why i do help brides:

    Before becoming a personal trainer I worked in the wedding industry as a venue host. Being a young girl, Ive always dreamed of my wedding day, and being the princess in the dress! Overtime, I fell in love with the energy of the brides on their big day, the love the couples shared, and the beauty of it all. While I was working with brides I built relationships with a lot of them and their biggest concern was always the way they looked in their dresses. So, with my love of weddings & passion for helping women build their confidence I have created my Wedding Dress Ready fitness program for brides!

  • how I do it:

    As a trainer I know that getting to your dream body is a mental discipline. Yes, you physically workout, you lift the weight, you eat the food. However, you have to want to do these things & this is where the mental discipline kicks in. Without thoughts of wanting to get to your goals, you will not take the right actions to achieve them. This is where I come in. While we work together I will be holding you accountable, & you will develop that mental discipline that creates healthy habits for life. This is more than just your wedding day for me, this is your future health & I am invested in you.

  • who is it for:

    My programs are for bride-to-bes that want to look their best on their wedding day, change their health & overall lifestyle for the long term. Future brides that are committed to sticking with a program, women who are motivated to see changes in their bodies, confidence, and life. I have helped brides that come in all different shapes and sizes, so there are programs for everyone.

    As a coach for women, if you're not getting married and you're ready to work on your health and fitness, please reach out as well & I will see if I can help.

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