• Naiomi's Testimonial

    Naiomi's goal was to lose 100lbs, and we made it happen! 1 year of hard work in the gym & at home, with a healthy mix of intermittant fasting & a healthy nutritious meal schedule.

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  • Trevor's Testimonial

    Trevor's goal was to lose belly fat, build his chest & get abs! We made it happen with a focus on lean healthy nutrition and strength training in the gym.

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  • My Testimonial

    Lead by example, that's def my motto. My goal was to lean out & get rid of body fat so I could see my ab lines & tone up my legs. I worked hard in the gym while eating lean meals.

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  • Isaiah's Testimonial

    Yo Carabella's dope. I've been doing her home workouts, eating clean, and running. Hardest thing for me is staying consistent but once I joined her program, with her help on accountability I'm able to stick with it. I appreciate you.

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BodybyCarabella Podcast

On this podcast I will share with you the tips & tricks, along with the actions you need to take in order lose weight & improve your looks! It's time to live your best life baby! New episodes will go live every Wednesday!