Are Standing Ab Workouts More Effective?

Are Standing Ab Workouts More Effective?

So I missed blogging last week because I was moving. Now that I got most of my things to my new place, it's time to unpack & organize. But that's not the point of this blog lol that's just a little life update for everyone that reads these. ❤️ Back to the topic of standing ab workouts, are they really more effective than laying ab workouts? 

I was honestly curious about this too because I want my stomach to be flat & semi shredded. I say semi shredded because I don't want a 6 pack, that's not me. So, how can we get the most out of these ab exercises? Well, let me tell you.


The Truth

First, I have to say we've all been duped. You can't believe everything you read on the internet man. The truth is; the effects of gravity and the weight of your trunk makes standing ab exercises less effective than doing them lying down on a mat.


Now this doesn't mean that standing ab exercises are obsolete. This just means they're gonna get you less shredded due to the fat that there are so many other obstacles going on when doing standing abs. For example, you back muscles are also getting a workout because you're standing & balancing yourself. Also, you core (which is great btw). Arms also can play a part in these as well if you're doing movement exercises.

In fact, standing abs exercises are a good way to work the muscles of your entire core, from your back to your hips. Plus if you hate crunches they're another great excuse to skip them! Definitely don't neglect your floor ab workouts, but standing exercises are a great way to mix up your regular routine. 

So tell me, do you feel the burn more when you're doing standing or laying ab workouts? Leave a comment below!

Now that you know the truth about ab exercises, here's a great ab workout you can try laying down to define those abs! 

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As for me
Standing abs workouts had given me better results that floor workouts
I think it just depends on your body

Victoria Opute

Since I have cervical spondylitis, any kind of crunches on my back hurts my neck pretty bad. So standing ab workouts are a savior for me. Now I know that I need to work out MORE this way ..and it will take LONGER to lose my belly fat!


DEFINITELY feel the burn front to back, emphasis on BACK, with laying workouts.

That being said, my ab circuits are a combination of hanging and lying down which lead to getting a 6+2pac (8). Ha!

P.S. casual reader; Carabella’s Ab workouts are REALLY fun additions to an otherwise “normal” routine. HIGHLY recommended, there’s plenty of excercises to choose and try from to help stay consistent.

What’s fun gets done!


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