Grocery Shopping 101

Grocery Shopping 101 | 5 Dos & Dont's

Ever wonder how you go to the store needing a few things and walk about spending a few hundred in groceries? Yeah, it use to happen to me all the time too. In order to stop wasting time and money when you go shopping for food, you HAVE TO apply these few tips👇🏼

#1 Make a List

When you have a list it's easier to stay focused on the things you actually need. Make sure you take a pen so you can easily cross things off your list & you don't keep revisiting things you've already got. Maybe this is OCD but I like to number my list or at least put things in order from most important, to I can live without it. This way you go straight for the things you really need at the top of your list!

#2 Favorite Store?

Some people might say, that's so boring! Why do you shop at the same store all the time? So I can shop faster, duh. When it comes to shopping I like to know exactly where everything is so I don't have to stroll through every aisle. When you don't know where things are you stroll up & down every lane increasing your chances of buying things you don't need. Did I mention it wastes time? I'm not sure about you, but more often than not I actually get my groceries delivered to my house. Some people don't like that, they want to pick out their avocados lol. I could care less, i'll let them ripen at my house if they're not ready. Regardless if you're still shopping in stores, make sure to pick a good one & stick to it. This will save you time & money if you take your list.😌

#3 Never Go Shopping Hungry

What's that saying, the eyes are bigger than the stomach? I can't remember, but when I go shopping on an empty stomach it's allllll bad. I end up eating while I shop, and buying tons of stuff that "looks good". Later when I get home, I wonder why I had ever bought most things! Don't let your eyes deceive you! Eat before you go shopping or shop online for your groceries so you can't impulse buy. This is key for those of us trying to lose weight. I don't know about you but when I shop hungry, all I want is sweet foods? So, if you're trying to lose weight you really want to make sure you get some food in before going to the store.

 #4 Shopping with Kids

If you're shopping with kids, leave them in the car lol jk! Well, tbh my parents use to leave my siblings & I in the car sometimes. Other times, I wanted to stay in the car. But, times have changed & now you can get arrested! However, back to point #3 you will want to feed them and yourself. You, so you don't get irritated, and them so they don't want everything they see. Things can only go smoothly here if you have taught your kids how to behave honestly, plus I'm not a parent so I can't really speak on how this would be. In some cases, I've seen parents put this kids in the cart, bring some of their toys as a distraction, or give them a snack in the store to keep them occupied; all solid ideas. If you can, leave them at home with the hubby or wifey so you can get some alone time in the store lol.

#5 Budget

I'm not sure if this is a thing for most people, but creating a food budget is a great way to save money & cut out things you don't need. Let's be real, for some reason healthy organic foods are more expensive than junk food. I still don't understand that. However, by creating a budget and going for healthy organic foods you'll have less to spend on junk foods or foods that aren't good for you. So make sure you create a monthly budget & then break that down into smaller budget portions each time you shop!

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