How soon before your wedding should you start working out?

How soon before your wedding should you start working out?

Getting in shape for your wedding is a big deal! It's the biggest day of your life & we know you want to look your best! Let's face it, getting back into a workout routine can be challenging with the added stress of planning an entire wedding. We understand exactly how you feel, that's why we're so excited to help you on your wedding fitness journey❤️ Using these 4 tips will get you wedding dress & honeymoon ready, so let's get started!


6 Months is the Ideal Time Frame

When it comes to fitness, it takes time. Since our bodies change over time with consistency it's important to give yourself enough time. Depending on the goal, 6 months is usually the perfect time frame for most brides to tone up. If you have more weight to lose or have bigger goals, you will want to start even sooner. Often times we think going really hard for 1-2 months is going to get us to our goals, but ladies make no mistake this could lead to exhaustion & injury. Since you'll be busy planning a wedding, it's important to have flexibility. This is why we recommend Online Personal Training Programs. This way you decide what time you'll workout, you don't have to spend time going to & from the gym, and you save money on gym costs. All you need is 30 mins a day for 6 months, consistency is key with working out.

How to Train with a Busy Schedule

Most of our brides love the flexibility of training at home, with minimal equipment. Not only is it perfect for your busy day, but it cuts gym costs as well. Having a flexible workout plan makes it easier to stay consistent, when you have to take time out of the day to drive to the gym, workout, and go home it gets done less frequently. Having your workout plan on your phone makes it easy to workout on your lunch break, at home, at the park, anywhere & anytime! Another big reason our brides train at home is, privacy & interaction! Most of our couples want to workout together, this gives them quality time while they train for their big day!

Proper Nutrition is JUST AS IMPORTANT

It's no surprise that wedding planning can sometimes bring on some stress, and with that a little bit of comfort food eating. One of the biggest factors of a successful fitness journey along with consistent training is your nutrition. Nutrition can be tricky to understand & frustrating to stick with. Having a workout program that integrates healthy eating is the key! This saves you money as well as sanity! Trying to Youtube meal plans & craft your own meal plan takes a lot of work. Having a trainer with a background in nutrition can also keep you from cutting out all the enjoyment of food. Most times meal plans aren't truly fitting to our lifestyle, so having a workout + nutrition program tailored for your needs is an important part of staying consistent.


Speaking of consistency, isn't it nice to have someone to hold us accountable ? Especially when we have busy lives & things get pushed to the side. Our brides love the idea of having an accountability partner for their training programs. This is someone that sticks with you through your ups & downs, is there to adjust your program when needed, check up on your meals & make sure you're eating the healthy way. Having 24/7 support is important to all of our brides. Fitness journeys can have their ups & downs, but together we will get you wedding dress & honeymoon ready!

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