What is Set Point Theory & Settling Point Theory?

What is Set Point Theory & Settling Point Theory?

What is set point theory?

Set point theory says that the human body tries to maintain its weight within a preferred range. Think of this like a governor, you can only go up to a certain speed until the car won't allow you to go any faster. This set point theory is the governor of your body, keeping you where it's comfortable. Having a set point theory can make it very challenging for some people to hit their weight gain or loss goals.

What does the set point theory propose?

The set point theory states that a person's body has a set point weight at which it is programmed to be comfortable. This theory proposes that the body will sabotage itself during weight loss by slowing down metabolism to conserve body fat. However, it's not only weight loss but also weight gain. Some people have a hard time gaining weight & their body doesn't want them to put on mass. For individuals that want to build muscle with a lean body type this can be especially challenging. 

Can you change your body's set point?

The set point can be changed with two essential ingredients: time and support.
Time: If you make changes over time and lose weight gradually, your body systems can adapt to the new circumstances. This also apply's to the gaining of weight.  Your systems will stop trying to return you to your previous “normal” weight.
Support: By supporting your body with the proper weights & challenges during workouts you will be able to overtime, lose or gain the weight to build the body you want.

How can I break my set point weight?

Push yourself. The best and only way to get past this set point theory is to push yourself in the gym. Have a goal in mind, stick to a meal plan, and push yourself during the workouts. 

How do you determine your body's set point?

The way you can determine your set point is by letting go of control over food and your body, and by instead tuning into your body's natural cues for what, when, and how much to eat. This has also been called intuitive eating. By paying attention to your body's cues you can get a feel for what you need and when you need it. Then with this information you can see where you weight sits, how your body looks and feels & from here you can start making adjustments.

Settling Point Theory - What is this?

Here we have biology VS environment. Biology is the set point of your body, the environment is the settling point of your body. These 2 things effect each other. Settling point includes psychology because our behaviors are formed from both within & without. Society and ease in the modern world makes it easier and easier to get past our set point but harder and harder to get below it. The settling point is where you hangout in terms of body fat when you just do your thing using intuitive eating and minimal exercise.

Can You Maintain it? 

You have to listen to your body on this. Everyone's set point range & settling point range will be different. Dropping down is def possible, staying there is the challenge. The body needs fat to function properly, so at some point you need to accept it isn't always going to stay at its lowest. That's why fitness is a forever journey. 

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This makes SO MUCH sense!!! Not just physically, but also financially and even environMentally.

We become what we think and believe of ourselves consistently.

Gotta’ be Mindful of what we put in our mouths, ears and eyes.

Thank You For allways keepin’ it simple!


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