Ways To Make Healthy Eating Fun

4 Ways To Make Healthy Eating Fun

Healthy eating seems daunting doesn't it? So many recipes, with so many ingredients most of us have no clue where to find let alone cook! Each dish needs a million ingredients to create 1 small meal. 

If you watch my YouTube channel you know i'm all about quick, no BS cooking that is clean & healthy. Also, i've recently added my recipes to my website so you can check these out. Back to it, when I first started training I didn't want to eat clean. It was so time consuming and at the time I really hated cooking, still don't love it but it's growing on me. However, once I started the clean eating + the working out my body started really getting the results I wanted! So, here are a few simple things I implemented to make my healthy eating fun & simple.

Keep it Simple

This first one is really about self awareness. Are you going to be happy cooking for an hour? If so, choose those recipes. That's not me, and I know if I had to do that I'd go right back to Post mates. By understanding myself and my likes/dislikes I can choose quick, easy, but healthy recipes to make. This will make me feel happy because i'm doing less cooking (which I like) & that means I'll be able to create this habit & stick to it. If I chose cooking for an hour, I would quit, give up and go back to the less healthy options I was eating prior. So set yourself down & have the convo. Do I like cooking? Do I like cleaning? Do i have time? Can I get on a meal prep? Can I split these chores with someone? If you're living with someone you can split this responsibility with, talk it out together. Once you find your happy place, things get easier.

Garnish Your Foods

Hunger starts in the eyes? Is that the saying? No idea, but I do know that making your foods aesthetically pleasing is a great way to feel good about eating clean. Think about a restaurant, when the waiter sets a beautiful plate of food in front of you most people want to take a photo! It looks more delicious just because they added those finishing touches on top. So do that for yourself. Make yourself beautiful foods that are also good for your body. The great thing about eating a healthy diet is all the colors. Most healthy food has lots of color, think of all the beautifully colored veggies and fruits. So spice things up & make it pretty to look at.

Switch It Up

One way to quit eating healthy is to eat the same thing everyday all day. I know it's easier to meal prep the same thing for weeks and just eat that. However, if you're just starting out you're going to want some novelty. For my more experience clean eaters this doesn't really apply because by now you know what you like. I myself can eat the same thing for months, but it took me a while to get this way. So, give yourself a few healthy options. Switch up your veggies, protein sources, and complex carbs. I love potatoes, rice, pasta, quinoa, shrimp, turkey, salmon, tofu, and all veggies & fruits. Keep it fresh & don't forget to shop organic produce!

Treat Yourself

Last but not least, of course life is too short to never enjoy yourself. But, i'm telling you the more you eat healthy the less you will want junk foods, sweets, sodas, processed foods, and all that not so good stuff. In the beginning it can be tough, so treat yourself (in moderation). I don't like the idea of a CHEAT DAY, or CHEAT MEAL, but if thats what it takes for you to keep your good habits by all means. Just know, cheat days, and meals do add up and can keep you further from your goals. So, how can you treat yourself without gorging? 

Go for healthy dessert recipes! There are thousands of tasty, healthy dessert options online. If it's gotta be unhealthy, just do it once a month. Not every weekend! You can do on special occasions, like your bday/Christmas, but don't make every holiday a special occasion lol.

I hope this helps you guys! Eating healthy is just a habit, so if you can stick with it for 67 days you can stick with it for a lifetime❤️ 

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Thank you for these meaningful tips Carabella!

Our cunning brains are naturally attracted to colorful, healthy, diverse foods and plates for “we eat with our eyes FIRST!”

You grown; Play with your food! “Expreeess yaself!” Your gut will thank you. 🤗

What’s fun gets done!


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