When to Change a Fitness Program

When to Change a Fitness Program


One of the key secrets that many health and wellness professionals have is mixing things up frequently. Your body and mind crave variety and change, and when you get too stuck in a routine, it can lead to a lack of motivation and a plateau in your health goals. But when should you start changing your fitness program? See below to find out!

When to Change Your Fitness Routine

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is to switch up your fitness program every few weeks. But at the end of the day, you should listen to your body and do what works best for you. Some people may wish to keep a stable workout routine for an entire month and do something different every month. In contrast, others may want to change their workout routine much more frequently. It ultimately depends on what works best for you and what will keep you moving forward.

However, it is best not to change your fitness program too much because this can throw your body out of balance. Some semblance of structure and routine can be useful for you; just try to avoid getting too stuck in your ways.

The best way to know when it is time to change your fitness routine is if you are starting to feel bored with it or if you have lost motivation. Some other good physical indicators are if you don't see many changes in your body or if your heart rate is low. Change is key to breaking through a fitness plateau and keeping you moving forward on your health and wellness journey.

How to Change Your Fitness Routine

The simplest way to begin shaking up your fitness program is by trying a different form of exercise every day. For example, one day, you may do strength training, the next day yoga, and the day after that, a good jog! If you prefer to keep all your exercise in the gym, you can also try different activities with weights or using a new machine every day. One day you may focus on strength training in the legs and the next day on the arms or back.

There really is no set way to do this, so just follow what works best for you and have some fun with it! The most important thing to keep in mind with any fitness program is that you are enjoying it. If you force yourself to do exercises that you hate, you will have a much harder time maintaining your fitness program in the long run. So, try sprinkling in some fun into your workout routine to keep you going when times get tough.


The body and mind thrive on variety, and mixing up your workout routine is the best way to fulfill that need. There is truly an endless number of ways to exercise, and exploring all of these various forms of fitness can be very beneficial for you. But if you find something that you like, try to stick with it for at least a few weeks or incorporate it into a weekly schedule rotation to help you build up and strengthen your health.


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