Why Breakfast Is Important For Us

Why Breakfast Is Important For Us

"No time," "nothing to eat," "woke up too late," and "on a diet." People give many reasons for breakfast skipping or skimming. 

Despite its benefits, breakfast may be the most neglected and skipped meal of the day! Some blame their body clock, for a lack of hunger when they wake up. Some may not be hungry if they ate late the night before. "Not hungry" could result from stress; stress hormones can effect hunger cues. With the hectic lifestyles we all live nowadays, others often come up short on time & energy first thing in the morning. Often times, people would rather spend a few more minutes in bed than taking that time to prepare a healthy breakfast. 

Some people actually believe that breakfast skipping is effective for weight loss! Despite the reasons for breakfast skipping or skimping, most people acknowledge that eating breakfast is the healthiest way to start the day. Research from the International Food Information Council Foundation shows even fewer people today make breakfast a daily habit. Other surveys suggest that breakfast is on the upswing, perhaps a result of morning menu options becoming more creative?

Regardless, research into breakfast is complicated because there's no one definition or one type of breakfast food. You might say it's the first meal of the day, or food eaten before your daily routine kicks in, some might say what you eat within the first 3 hours you're awake. So, you see there are so many ways of describing breakfast & most people get confused, give up & skip it.

Why Breakfast 

Do you eat, skip, or skimp on breakfast? This seemingly small decision affects the rest of your entire day. According to research, a regular morning meal is positive nutrition, linked to better overall health, including better diet quality, healthier body weight, lower risk or certain chronic diseases, and even cognitive benefits (thinking clearly). Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? That's a tough question, but spreading nutrients out throughout your day is generally advised. That said, starting off with a healthy breakfast is a great way to start off a good day.


Now unless you're fasting for 16 or 20 hours a day, you'll want to grab something for breakfast within your first 3 hours of being awake. Your body needs to refuel for the sustained mental work of school, jobs, volunteering, or even home projects you do during the day. The muscles also need energy to function properly throughout your day. Also, don't forget your brain needs food to function. Most of us think our bodies need most of the foods we eat, it's actually our brains that need it the most. 

Most of us know that hunger pains cause distraction and in some cases a sluggish feeling. I know when I work from home, being hungry is a huge distraction, i'll get up and stand there looking for food, which can waste time. So get rid of all that & eat some breakfast in the morning with a large water. 

Breakfast For Weight

Now, there are so many studies about weight loss and fasting. I'm not here to say those aren't true, but I am going to argue the other side in this blog & then later on i'll write something on fasting. I had to make that clear before someone comes for me in the comments LOL.

Eating a morning meal is linked to a healthier body weight, weight loss, and weight maintenance. Maybe it's the timing? Compared to breakfast skippers, people who eat breakfast may not be overly hungry for a midmorning snack or lunch. The likelihood of impulse snacking and eating decreases exponentially. Eating a breakfast high in calories is also associated with a higher body mass index (BMI). BMI, or body mass index, is used to determine a healthy body weight in relation to a specific height.

Overcoming Breakfast Barriers

  • Objective: Not hungry when I wake up.
  • Solution: Start with a light bite, perhaps a fresh juice or green smoothie. Once you get accustomed to having something in the morning, move into small parfaits, eggs and toast.
  • Objective: No time, too busy.
  • Solution: Prep your meals the night previously. There are great overnight breakfast options such as, overnight oats, hardboiled eggs, to go yogurts, even putting a bagel in the toaster for a quick toast first thing is a great idea!
  • Objective: Too much effort
  • Solution: Stop being f*cking lazy. There is no other option for this one. 
  • Objective: I'm eating less to lose weight.
  • Solution: The key to weight loss is not fasting. Instead, it should be a healthy balance of good clean meals and a solid workout program. If you struggle with your weight in the first place, starving yourself is going to make you very hungry & you will most likely resort to binge eating, getting you nowhere. Instead, opt for lean breakfast options low in carbs.

So you see, there are many reasons most of us should be enjoying a nice healthy breakfast in the morning. Try to eat breakfast at the same time everyday if possible so your body's circadian rhythm can become accustomed to expecting food. Not sold on eating breakfast? Should I write about fasting in my next blog? Leave a comment below, see ya tomorrow.

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Breakfast helps set the pace for a powerful day!

Pro Tip: One can also leverage an exciting breakfast to get one OUT of bed and jumpstart the morning ritual!


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