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BodybyCarabella - 8 Week Workout Program for Women - Step by Step Fitness Journal for Beginners

BodybyCarabella - 8 Week Workout Program for Women - Step by Step Fitness Journal for Beginners

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  • 8 Weeks of Guided Workouts: My beginner fitness journal is for women beginning their workout journey. Each day of the week there will be 1 assigned video, scan the QR code with your phone for access to each training video. Use my trainer in your pocket system for maximum weight loss at home.
  • Track Your Nutrition: Nutrition is the KEY to making your workouts effective; build & stick with healthy eating habits by using the nutrition pages; track your water intake, hours of sleep, and mood. These are all key measurements to living a healthy lifestyle.
  • You're Not Alone: Join my community of like minded women on the same journey with my Facebook Group for support, accountability, mentorship, and motivation. At the end of week there is a progress checker, scan the QR code & add your weekly photos into the Facebook group.
  • Level of Detail: No additional workout plans needed, this 8 week fitness program has daily workouts picked out for you! Just scan the QR code & get right into the workout for the day.
  • Who is This Book For: This 8-week fitness journal is a total beginners guide to getting in shape, intermediate athletes can also use this fitness program. GEAR NEEDED, a yoga mat & a pair of dumbbells.

WHY TRUST ME WITH YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY: My name is Carabella Riazzo, I have been a certified personal trainer for 5 years. I have been involved in the fitness industry my entire life. IN ADDITION, I have helped thousands of women just like you through my YouTube Channel & Instagram. I care about your health & fitness journey because I am passionate about helping women & I love what I do! 

THE BENEFITS OF HAVING A PERSONAL TRAINER IN YOUR POCKET: Let’s be real, everyone wants a personal trainer, but not everyone can afford one. This book is less than the months of gym membership fees you pay & inside is a set guide to getting to your goals for $69.99. If you’re sick of having the results you’re currently getting by training on your own, then it’s time to get this workout program.

EASY TO FOLLOW GUIDED WORKOUTS: Along with a new workout video to follow each day, there are benchmarks throughout this guided program. Each week, you will submit your weekly progress photos in the group online where we share our progress with each & cheer each other on to the next weeks benchmark! It's a safe, judgement free zone for everyone to stay ACCOUNTABLE. 


Just like personal training, if you stick with it long enough it will work. Throughout the next 8 weeks, if follow the plan, do each workout, & eat healthy, you will see results. Let's get started on this journey together! Stop putting it off, unless you want to stay the same. ORDER NOW!



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